Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association

有關使用 閣下個人資料之重要通知


敬啟者:感謝 閣下一直以來對香港基督教女青年會(「本會」)之支持及參與。為配合《個人資料(私隱)條例》的新規定,本會有以下通知。


本會將運用 閣下的個人資料(如:姓名、電話、傳真、電郵及郵寄地址等)作開立收據、通訊、籌募、義工招募、活動及服務推廣、會員優惠及收集意見之用途。有關資料將受到嚴格保密,並儲存於安全的內部系統。本會循此途徑收集之個人資料,除作上述用途之外,將不會以任何形式出售、租借及轉讓予任何人士或組織。


如 閣下反對本會將 閣下的個人資料作上述之用途,請致電 24973030 或電郵至 itty@ywca.org.hk 聯絡本中心。在未有收到 閣下通知反對使用 閣下的個人資料作上述的用途前,本會將假設 閣下不反對本會繼續使用 閣下的個人資料作上述之用,直至本會接獲 閣下的另行通知為止。









To whom it may concern,


Thank you for your continuous support and participation to Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (the “Association”).  To comply with the new requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, we have the following important notification.


Your personal data (including your name, telephone number, fax number, email and mailing addresses, etc.) will be used by the Association for the purpose of issuing receipts, communications, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, promoting activities and services, communicating member benefits and conducting surveys for the Association. Your personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and saved in our encrypted database. The personal data being collected via the present means, other than being utilized as the purposes above mentioned, will not be sold, traded or rented in any forms through any means to any other parties.


If you object your personal data being utilized for the above purposes, please contact us at 24973030 or email the request to itty@ywca.org.hk. If the Association does not receive your objection for utilizing your personal data for the above purposes, the Association shall assume that you have no objection to utilizing your personal data for the above purposes until the Association receives your further notification.


Dated this 28th March, 2013.

Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association